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AWAFY Work to Empower Communities Particularly That Remote Communities Through Empower Them With Resources and Information (To improved health Sector) Through Train Community Health Workers, Equip Local Clinics, Carry Out Education Campaigns, Respond to Disease Outbreaks, and Working  For Improving Health Services for Rurales areas, In addition of That We Conduct PHC Mobile Clinics in Rural areas and IDPs camps All That Through Gather, Analyze, Conduct Rigorous Assessments, and Share Data on Health in Each Local Context To Determine Prevalence and The Root Causes.

AWAFY Work to Prevent Chronic and Acute Undernutrition Through an Integrated Approach That addresses Both The Direct and Underlying Causes. In Emergencies, We Work to Ensure That Vulnerable Children Under Five, Pregnant Women, and Nursing Mothers Have Access to Supplementary Food to Meet Their Nutritional Needs and Prevent Them From Becoming Undernourished by Training Women’s on Mothers Support Groups at Community Levels and Schools For pupils.

We Providing Health Services and Works to Address The Barriers That Prevent The Most Vulnerable People From Accessing Quality, Equitable Health Care, AWAFY Committed to Integrate and Share Disease Related Information Sharing, Awareness Into Our Activities to Reduce The Number of illness and Health cases to improve the General Health Conditions.

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