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AWAFY is a youth-led, non-governmental, non-profit national organization established in May 2021 with its first office located in Zalingei, Central Darfur, Sudan.

AWAFY Successfully Implemented Several Projects Covering a Wide Range of Topics. During our journey of serving local communities, AWAFY was pleased to collaborate with local and international institutions.

Our dedicated team believes that local communities should better understand the nature of local problems. Therefore, we are confident that, through empowering local communities with the necessary knowledge and skills, these communities can play a vital role in resolving the root causes of conflicts and problems on a local, national, and, in some cases, regional level and protecting the values of human rights.

Our Focus Areas

Lets Empower Communities

Empowering communities with knowledge and skills will play a vital role in identifying and peacefully resolving the root causes of problems and protecting the values of human rights.

Our Mission

  • Empower Communities
  • Enhance the Culture of Sustainable Peace
  • Promote the Values of Human Rights

Our Mandate

Raise awareness and protect the values of Human Rights; Promote the culture of peace, coexistence, and non-violent conflict resolution; Assist communities with legal advice; Build capacities of local communities and fight illiteracy; Assist communities affected by conflict and natural disasters

Our Vision

Together Towards Sustainable peace and Development