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Local Conference Of Youth Sudan 2022 Event (LCOY)

AWAFY was implemented as an organizing partner for the second Edition of Local Conference Of Youth (LCOY) on Youth SDGs and Climate Action Held in Khartoum Sudan on 23 – 24 October 2022


In 2015, the idea of COY started spreading around the world. Young people recognized the value of COYs and got inspired to organize Local COYs (LCOYs). In 2017, a formal process has been set up within YOUNGO to endorse and empower youths as well as youth organizations to organize Regional and Local COYs.

 The LCOY should ideally take place before or during the Global

COY. They serve the purpose to train youth and build their capacities for climate action. Local COYs aims to bring together youth from one country. At LCOYs, youth participate as part of national and regional movements. They focus on topics of high national importance and discuss       and      develop   respective outputs, which are fed into the Global

COY and consequently into the climate negotiations.

Partner Organizations Profiles

AWAFY Sudanese Organization

AWAFY is a youth-led, non-governmental, non-profit, National Organization established in May 2021 with its first office located in Zalingei, Central Darfur, AWAFY believes that local communities better understand the nature of local problems. If empowered with the

knowledge and skills, AWAFY came to contribute in its support to the Sudanese society and all humanity in all kinds of activities, humanitarian aid, awareness and health education in its many aspects, educational in its various types, knowledge and in the field of human rights, protection of women and children, development, reconstruction and sustainable peace, Violence against gender and other fields Others that have direct benefits to the growth and development of man and his environment, and its members have broad ideas in these multiple fields.

Deriba Center for Environmental Studies (DCES)

DCES was founded in July 2018, in Zalingei, Central Darfur State – Sudan. The idea of establishing the center came as an inevitable result of Sudan’s need in general and

Darfur region in particular for more scientific research and

studies in all environmental fields. The geographic location, nature, and natural resources of the region greatly contributed to the center’s location. The center is a Sudanese, independent, non-governmental, non-profit institution working in the field of environment as a specialized center to encourage, promote, train, and sponsor in-depth scientific research and studies, related to environmental issues which have a clear link to the concept of social, economic, and environmental development in Sudan.

Sudan Youth Organization on Climate Change (SYOCC)

SYOCC is a non-profit, non-political, and non-

governmental organization, established in September 2016 and registered with the Humanitarian Aid Commission

(HAC). It aims to increase the resilience of communities to

climate change by giving them the most important tools of awareness and building their abilities to think outside the box as well as exchange peer experiences with a focus on humanity and civil society values. In order to achieve its’ objectives, SYOCC prepares studies, research, and field surveys to focus on public policies, conducts of trainings workshop and capacity building for youth and local communities, uses of multiple media to promote the concept of climate change issues, establishes small productive projects, service, cultural and economic centers that contribute to reducing climate change amongst other means.   

Al Masheesh for Peace and Development (APDO)

APDO is a Sudanese civil society organization which was first registered in south darfur state 2014 with humanitarian aid commission (HAC) and currently registered in federal

(HAC) in Khartoum. It is working on peace building

conflict resolution and civil Education, Protection (gender based violence child protection and general protection, Education, Gender Equality & women empowerment, and Sustainable development. It has three offices in south west center darfur a and general office in Khartoum.

African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC)

AYICC was conceived in 2006 in Nairobi Kenya, during the second International Conference of Youth preceding the UNFCCC, COP 12, to ensure the inclusion, and active participation of youth voices from the south, and

specifically Africa, in the international climate change negotiations. This was needed as the young people in Africa are almost half of the population and are most affected by climate change impacts- as well have the most potential to support Africa to take action on climate change.

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