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10Days Monitoring Report 1-10 June

Due to the War in Sudan, between Sudanese Armed Forced (SAF) and Rapid Support Forced (RSF) in Khartoum – Sudan Since April 15, 2023, and claimed to other states, as AWAFY Sudanese Organization focusing on Central Darfur State with access to localities, the war in Darfur especially West & Central Darfur shaped deferent in volume of violations. Since 17th May to update Zalingei and El-Geneina out of Communication Services, AWAFY takes a role of monitoring the violation of Human Rights in Central Darfur.
Summary Report:
This report summarizes the Humanitarian, Health and Security Situation in Zalingei in the period from 1st – 10th June, 2023.
Zalingei Surrounded by RSF, no civilian movement, still no communication services, Hospitals and Health centers are out of services, and RSF militias looting civilian houses and threating.