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10Days Monitoring Report 11 June – 4 July

This report summarizes the violation of Human Rights, Humanitarian, Health and Security Situation in Zalingei in the period from 11th June – 4th July, 2023.

Still no communication services, civilian displacement, Hospitals and Health centers are out of services, gathered IDPs centers, arresting continues, civilian murdering, and RSF militias looting civilian houses, threating civilians, SAF continues bombes civilians.

Due to the War in Sudan, between Sudanese Armed Forced (SAF) and Rapid Support Forced (RSF) in Khartoum – Sudan Since April 15, 2023, and claimed to other states, as AWAFY Sudanese Organization focusing on Central Darfur State with access to localities, the war in Darfur especially West & Central Darfur shaped deferent in volume of violations. Since 17th May to update Zalingei out of Communication Services, AWAFY takes a role of monitoring the violation of Human Rights and Humanitarian situation in Central Darfur.

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