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Forum: Grassroots Construction and local governance, Drugs and their impact on society

As a Part of the Promote civic and Democratic Participation of youth project, AWAFY Sudanese Organization, Central Darfur-Zalingei, held a forum, entitle “Grassroots Construction and local governance” at the Zalingei Cultural Club on Saturday, 4 February 2023, in the presence of a many of actors from various National and International Organizations and youth entities and UN agencies.

The first section, Forum addressed the phenomenon of Drugs and their impact on society, health and psychological damage such as hallucinations, amnesia, the legal aspect and the role of civil society organizations to reduce the phenomenon of drugs.

The second section of the Forum was on grass-roots construction and its linkage to local governance in civil, political, social and economic rights issues, legal developments and practices in local government, the relationship of local government to good governance and respect for the principles of democracy.

Grassroots construction and local governance to be one of the important topics under a complex political mortgage in the country, where the Forum is part of AWAFY activities to raise the capacities of young people and civil society organizations.