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Foundations of Youth Leadership and the Concept of Civic Action

As part of activities aimed to Empowering Youth and grassroots initiatives, AWAFY in collaboration with Zalingei Intellectual Social Cultural Forum, organized a forum entitled “Foundations of Youth Leadership and the Concept of Civic Action”, which explored the leadership foundations of Youth, the empowerment of Youth and their active role in building a rational society where the values of democracy and sustainability prevail. 

During the war, AWAFY works jointly with grassroots and community bodies and grassroots initiatives and Organizations to strengthen their community activities and programs that serve to alleviate the effects of war and help those affected, promote social cohesion among all components of society, advocate for a halt to war, combat hate speech, racism and activate psychological support, and advocate for a halt to war and protect human rights. 

By highlighting the concept of civic action and youth leadership, the Forum has contributed greatly to understanding the vital role that young people play in creating a society based on the values of justice, democracy, and social interaction.