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Distribution of mosquito nets for children, pregnant and lactating women

With continuous efforts to alleviate the effects of the war by working in gathering points shelters in Zalingei – Central Darfur, where IDPs face worsening human and health conditions as a result of the absence of health services. 

AWAFY is aware of the importance of maintaining the health of those in gathering points shelters, especially women, children and the elderly, and therefore adopts its health interventions to reduce the spread of epidemics and diseases within the shelter centers. Our team has been active in the campaign distribution of Mosquito nets saturated with the various gathering points shelter centers as well as patients and accompanying staff of the Zalingei Teaching Hospital, In the first phase, the project targeted 500 Households in the Central Darfur – Zalingei. 

The 15th April War has created a very complex humanitarian and health reality in the absence of humanitarian support and the departure of international Organizations with a massive breakdown of the health situation, especially in conflict zones, our team continues to work under these complex conditions by assisting war-affected communities.