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Rapid Resilience: Successfully Completion of Health Emergency Response Project

In the current Sudan war on various states since April 15, the AWAFY Team seeks to provide humanitarian assistance to affected communities, and AWAFY has worked to respond rapidly at IDPs’ gathering points (shelters) in Central Darfur-Zalingei, including conducting surveys and collecting data to dedicate the efforts of members of the AWAFY team to the needs of displaced persons at gathering points, In the face of unexpected crises and health emergencies, taking into account the health risks that these families may face in centers where AWAFY implemented the Emergency Health Response Project, which was launched as a proactive initiative to enhance our society’s ability to deal with health crises flexibly and efficiently.

with the support of Norwegian People’s Aid, and in a common vision to strengthen the capacity of society to respond to health emergencies. Norwegian People’s Aid provided financial contributions and resources for the implementation of the Emergency Health Response Project, which aims to build and rehabilitate the latrines and bathrooms of shelters to avoid epidemics and diseases that may result from public outbreaks in the absence of health services destroyed by the events of the current war that have led to a humanitarian crisis in the state and the absence of health institutions in Central Darfur – Zalingei.

It was AWAFY must intervene as soon as possible to avoid the health risks to which citizens may be exposed in those centers.

The Emergency Health Response Project was launched and completed from September to November 2023, targeting 181 Households in seven displaced Gathering Points shelters, as follows:

  1. Umm Al-Qura School Shelter Center
  2. Karnak School Shelter Center
  3. Zalingei Girls Secondary School Shelter Center
  4. Police Hospital Shelter Center
  5. Dar Al Maaref School for Girl’s Shelter Center
  6. Dar Al Maaref School for Boy’s Shelter Center
  7. Abu Bakr Agricultural School Shelter Center

The project, which is the result of the collective efforts with AWAFY Team, is also considered a road map for future endeavors in response to health emergencies. Let us deepen the project’s complexities, and explore key achievements, impact on community assistance, and sustainable practices for a healthier and safer future.