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International Youth Day Celebration 2022

AWAFYis a youth organization that celebrated International Youth Day under the slogan (solidarity between peoples and generations) in cooperation with a number of NGOs
AWAFY ensures that youth are the hope of the present and future, Must empower by knowledge for peace and construction.

Musbah Issa Ceremonial Coordinator Speech
“First of all, let me welcome all the attendees (gentlemen representatives of youth bodies and emerging initiatives, gentlemen representatives of coordinators
Displaced persons and refugees, representatives of nomads and pastoralists, farmers’ unions, representatives of clergymen and indigenous administrations,
Activists and actors, resistance committees, representatives of social researchers, academics, local leaders,
Government officials, representatives of national organizations, representatives of United Nations and international agencies,
Gentlemen representatives of the Centers for Peace and Development Studies (Greetings to all of you, honourable attendees
We also do not forget to salute those who are more honourable and noble than all of us, except they are the martyrs of the Sudanese revolutions who sacrificed for this.
Al-Watan, also, our sincere wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded and injured, and the good return of the missing, and a special greeting that we send.
For all the youth of Sudan who is on the front lines of the struggle to build a better future for their communities.
Let us say that the youth are the feasibility of Umrah and the lustre of life. For them, and through them, hopes are formed and nations are built. They are the backbone of every renaissance and the basis of all
Evolution, how not, and the period of youth in the life of each one of us is the brightest, most honourable, and most splendid period, during which bites are called for and bloom
In it are intellectual buds about everything beautiful and different, they are the light that shines no matter how dark the tunnel, they are the hand of change and the shield that protects
Young and old and the whole community.
The youth of Sudan have proven their determination in word and deed.
its aspects, to present their best model in all national and revolutionary forums
Honourable gathering, I am pleased to address you today in honour of the celebration of International Youth Day, which is organized by the AWAFY Sudanese Organization
The Sudanese youth in cooperation with (Darfur Youth Network for Governance and Peacebuilding, Gabaraka Cultural Forum, Al-Mashish Organization for Peace and Development, Deriab Center for Environmental Studies, Abdo Kuyka Center for Cultural and Humanitarian Studies, and Asham Baker Center For development and enlightenment, under the slogan: “Solidarity between peoples and generations”
Based on the importance of youth participation and our belief in their significant and effective roles in their societies, it should be noted that the
August 13 to be International Youth Day by the General Assembly of the United Nations General Assembly year to celebrate/choose day 12
with their achievements and roles, in addition to describing it as a means for effective advocacy, education and awareness, as it provides an annual opportunity
To celebrate the role of young people as necessary partners in change, not to mention raising awareness of the challenges and raising awareness
International, regional and local issues of relevance and to make progress on them and to allow their voices to be heard
Their work, their role in the progress of societies, and the generalization of their participation on the economic, social, political and work fronts
in order to achieve sustainable development goals.
May peace, mercy and blessings are upon you”
There were paragraphs on peace and peaceful coexistence, theatre performances, poetry, traditional and modern music, and an exhibition on drugs.
13 August 2022